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As your business evolves and changes, you might just need the rapid provision of a senior HR expert to manage a specific project or challenge.


BMS – Human Resources Management– can provide you with a flexible source who can hit the ground running pretty quickly and support your business for a short period of time to address the most pressing  needs.


I support business owners to achieve results faster by addressing the PEOPLE FACTOR and aligning it with their overall business strategy.

Britt Moran



"The hardest part of growing is the inevitable moment of change. I met Berta a little over a one year ago as we were going through a restructuring, or a structuring I should say, of our company. Starting out just my business partner and I, we had grown from two into a company of more than thirty in a relatively short amount of time. We had a great approach to design but were much less versed in company organization and strategic positioning of people. We’ve been working now for more than a year with Berta and she has been instrumental in giving some shape to a wonderfully creative, albeit chaotic,  group of people; creating specific roles, responsibilities and a hierarchy to help with the workload flow. 
Reexamining the past 12 months, perhaps the biggest area of change has been to mind-set which is also one of the toughest. We’ve been working on answering the hard questions and a lot of self-examination to find the answers to riddles that have been needing unraveling for some time now. The process of coaching key players in the company has been fundamental in creating a line of managers that filter problems, find solutions and ensure daily operations are running smoothly.
By no means are we anywhere near finished, but for sure we’re on the path to making decisions based on a more logical approach to staffing, retention of the right people and setting career goals for the future, in addition to mapping a way to reach these objectives.
Obviously Berta’s experience has been crucial in getting us onto a smoother path, we still have daily hurdles and bumps mind you, but I would dare say her positivity and ability to push for long-term thinking is creating a new style of management in Dimorestudio that will no doubt ensure our future on the design scene".


Med-Long HR Consulting

Career Support Toolkit for Employees Being Made Redundant

Enable your employees to plan, design, and relaunch their career with 6 actionable steps that will help them go from feeling stuck to successfully changing their career after losing their job through no fault of their own.

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