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Berta Maso

Coach & Mentor for Lifestyle Leaders

I Coach and Mentor Lifestyle Leaders to break through the glass ceiling, re-claim their power by honouring who they are and what they really want and step into their next level of success.


Whether it is supporting corporate executives to define their next best chapter or business leaders to re-create a professional reality that mirrors their new life vision, my mission is to help my clients to re-define success and find fulfilment by combining my background in business psychology, success coaching and 20 years of business acumen acquired in the Fashion Industry.


I’m here to walk alongside you and encourage you to be open to a bigger way of thinking, giving your business and life different perspectives.​ 


Free Resources

Free resources packed with transformational content which will give you the insights you need so you can unblock and start moving forward.


Online Courses

Online coaching programs filled with training, tools and practical exercises so you can start walking towards your new direction.


1:1 Coaching

A selection of options to suit you from POWER HOUR, STRATEGY DAYS, 3-6 MONTHS or 1:1 HIGH LEVEL PERFORMANCE COACHING


Evolved Mastermind

High-level mastermind for ELITE BUSINESS OWNERS who want to live their lives in their own terms by creating a fully aligned business.



It is a rare gift when you are randomly referred to someone and in the very first conversation, you find you instantly connect, not only on professional ethics but also on a very intrinsic personal level.  Someone who sees you beyond the surface and/or what you project. Berta, I can wholeheartedly vouch is someone with that unique emotional intelligence, insight, and empathy.  Not only is she highly experienced in people management skills and understanding business needs; she is an adept and mindful executive coach. She really guides you to listen to your inner voice and tap into your passions, so you can reach for your true potential.

I'm a seasoned business strategist and senior executive on a coaching journey with Berta's group reinvention course The Janus Project, and it's frankly been one of the pivotal highlights of my career. It has already begun to give me back control of my destiny and she has not only shared valuable insight by introducing us to field specialists to support us but created masterful groups to inspire one another.

I would recommend Berta's services to anyone seeking to start up their own enterprise, pursuing a portfolio career, looking to transform their business approach, facing a career transition, or even aspiring for higher levels in their career.

Berta thank you, you're simply one of the best!



I realise my career has been marked by constant change and reinvention.

Originally from Barcelona, I have worked in London, Kuwait, United Emirates, Switzerland and Italy, and once I left a dream job as an HR Manager at Christian Dior to follow the retail project of a Kuwaiti Sheikh, who appointed me as the People Director of his business.

The biggest reinvention of all, however, was yet to come when after 6 thriving years heading the people front of Michael Kors in Europe, and on the edge of severe burnout, I put an end to my career as I knew it and started my own business.

My business has really evolved from its launch back in 2016 and today I am on a mission to support well-accomplished professionals through mid-life career re-inventions as I wholeheartedly believe you don’t have to sacrifice your life for a career you don’t love anymore.


I am an ACC accredited career coach who uses Neuroscience to help my clients to achieve their results and who has been recognised as the “go-to person” in my niche by being featured in online publications such as Thrive Global, The Talented Ladies Club, We are the City, COACH Magazine and HRZone. LEARN MORE





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