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A house is built from its base up, and so it’s your business. Focusing on building a strong and solid foundation is imperative if you are in this for the long run and if you want the best chance of building the business that becomes all that you desire and deserve.

I have learned this the hard way. Looking back, I realise that I started my business from a place of lack of clarity, not really knowing what my niche was and whom did I want to serve, and without a clear direction. And so, I hustled during the first 3 years in business and progressed very slowly


Slow progress can be really painful and frustrating and this is the main reason why many new solopreneurs throw the towel.

✖ I want to save you this pain.

✖ I want to save you from behaving erratically and taking odd decisions that will cost you money.

✖ I want to save you wasting your time.

Instead, I want you to:

✔ Pay your first paycheck as soon as possible.

✔ Have the financial freedom you need in order to live the life you deserve.

✔ Make your dream a reality.


✔ Have fun throughout the process!

Whilst there isn’t really a magic formula to “fast track your success” if you are new in business, there are some guiding principles that will help you to set yourself to a good start.

Come and join me in the up-and-coming Masterclass I will be running on the 14th July at 19hrs CET where I will take you through the lessons I have learned whilst building and growing my own business and the work I do with my clients.


About Berta

Berta is a Career Coach & International HR Strategist who has over 20 years of experience of business acumen gained in the people management front of fashion brands such as Burberry, Christian Dior, and Michael Kors.

Having had a diverse career path that saw her move to London from Barcelona to study her Masters in Business Psychology, to get her first job in HR at Burberry and her second at Christian Dior, to upping sticks to Kuwait to follow a dream project of a Sheikh, to then move to Switzerland to join the start-up of Michael Kors in Europe, to end up leaving her corporate career in HR to start her own business, she is now in a privileged position to help her clients to find the confidence to make bold moves in their careers so to create a professional reality in which they can thrive on.

​Berta’s mission connects back to her own journey of fighting through the stress and strain of being a workaholic in high-pressure roles and fighting against the belief that burnout and working 24/7 automatically go with the territory of being a high achiever.

Having come out the other side and now found the joy of a better quality work-life balance and a career that makes her heart sing, she is driven about enabling the same for her clients.

Berta is a trained and qualified coach who supported hundreds of professionals to re-launch & re-position themselves in the market and who has been featured in different online publications such as Thrive Global, We are the City, The Talented Ladies Club, and COACH magazine and HRzone.

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