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Updated: Nov 4, 2019

When I turned 40 I felt as if I had to re – position myself in life. Some call it “middle age life crisis”. I call it “middle age re-birth” instead. I realised about the fact that I’d accomplished many of my original life goals. I had climbed the career ladder rather successfully, I had lived and worked in 6 different countries, I had even managed to build my own family but then I couldn’t help but feeling this huge emptiness and I started asking myself so what now? What’s next?

I knew that what was next was something different. Quite simply, all those usual things that had inspired me up to that point were fading away. Priorities were changing and so

were my values. The time had come for a reinvention. The time had come to take risks, to change what I was doing and the way I was doing it.

But where to start?

  • I took some time (and help) to define how I wanted to show up in this next chapter of my life.

  • I figured out what were my strengths and how could I make the most of them going forward.

  • I put some thought around what did I want to make more of going forward. I made my wish list.

  • I created a plan, with goals and timelines, and I sought training to bring up to scratch all those areas that needed further development.

  • I got support as I knew that fears and self-doubts would arise and I couldn’t afford for these negative emotions to freeze me without allowing me to move forward.

  • I surrounded myself by a support network as they are a powerful resource that can lift you up during the down times.

  • I kept on reminding myself why I was where I was and doing what I was doing.

  • I identified my own ways to never lose my focus and to get back up when difficulties and obstacles arise.

The change that reinvention brings can feel quite daunting and at times painful. But remember, nothing is as painful as remaining stuck somewhere you don’t belong. So the journey always pays off.

Hopefully, the tips above might help you to navigate through it more swiftly.

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