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Last week I shared my personal story about turning my professional life around, stepping out of my comfort zone and facing the demons that the unknown brings you. The high level of response has been overwhelming. It must be true that “the energy we give is the energy we get back”. THANK YOU!

My story has resonated with so many of you for different reasons. Some of you feel stuck in a reality which doesn’t fulfill you any longer and you do not have the confidence (yet) to change it, others have started peeling that onion (and started crying in inappropriate places), others are working hard to define your new direction and others have done all the above but are getting restless since results do not come quick enough.

Some of you have asked me for more; for tips, for guidelines, for recommendations. Whilst there isn’t a magic formula (no, one hat doesn’t fit all I’m afraid), I am happy to share some of my learnings which you will find in the link below:

To those who are trapped in a reality which doesn’t make you happy –

The discontent and frustration you feel is entirely your own creation. Start working on your MINDSET. This is a very important pre-requisite to being able to actually create the fulfillment and prosperity you desire. Having the belief that you are in control of your own ability, and can learn and improve is the key to success. Yes, hard work, effort, and persistence are all important, but not as important as having that underlying belief that you are in control of your own destiny and that you can achieve anything you set your mind into. Who wants to compromise on certain life choices anyways?

To those who have started peeling that onion –

Remember that developing a strong sense of SELF AWARENESS is the key to fulfilling all your most cherished dreams. Self awareness is the foundation of personal growth and success. Daniel Goleman calls it the 'keystone' of emotional intelligence. So, your tears are well shed. Keep on peeling!

To those who are in the process of figuring out their new direction –

Try to connect your WHAT (Goal / Objective) with your WHY (your values, who you are, your motivations). It is only when you connect all the dots that everything falls into place.

To those who have done all the above and are anxiously waiting for the results

RESILIENCE, RESILIENCE and more RESILIENCE. Taking control of your attitude and confidence level is one of the most powerful things you can ever do to influence your success (or lack of it). This has been the hardest part of my journey and where all my focus is at present.

The truth is, as long as you keep on moving forward and against all odds, you will eventually get there. Sometimes you might feel you are not moving quick enough, but as long as you move, you are on the right track!

Last …. Congratulations! if you somehow are engaged with my posts and have landed on this page means that you have already started to move in the right direction and are starting to take action. As Tony Robbins say: “THE ONLY IMPOSSIBLE JOURNEY IS THE ONE YOU NEVER BEGIN”



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