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with Berta Maso

Whether you are an executive working in corporate who needs support to define his next best chapter or a business leader who is looking to re-create a professional reality that mirrors his new life vision, Berta’s 1:1 high-level performance coaching offers a 3 or 6 months container that will help you to define and step into your next level of success.

Berta combines her background in business psychology, success coaching, and 20 years of business acumen acquired in the Fashion Industry to help you to grow, scale, and unlock your true potential.

If you want to learn more about how can Berta help you, you can book a discovery call.


  • You have felt stuck for a while and overwhelmed & confusion has been preventing you from moving forward.

  • You lack a strategy and a plan and do not have focused goals connected to your vision.

  • You need clarity and direction so you can focus your time and energy on generating income.

  • You are feeling like you are on your way to burn out and you know something must give in.

  • You want success in a way that is aligned with the new person you have become over the years.

  • You love accountability and are ready to do whatever it takes to claim that next level of success.


  • Bi-monthly 1:1 coaching sessions of 60 minutes to create your road map and track your progress.

  • Access to me via Voxer between calls so that we can connect, celebrate, answer questions, and move you forward faster.

  • Tools, materials, workbooks and other content tailored specifically to you and your growth so that you have exactly what you need to move forward the fastest.



to accelerate your professional and personal life!

What others say about their journey with me …

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Despite having been in business for years and being a well-established entrepreneur, I reached out to Berta to help me put together all the material needed to take my business to the next level. Her business acumen, vision and ability to understand people and their careers have proved to be a real asset.

Through working together, I have increased my self-awareness around where am I at today, where I would like to be in the future and what are the strengths I should be leveraging on.  We have assessed possible business opportunities and have paved the way.

I would most certainly recommend Berta’s work to any professional who is accomplished, but needs to gain clarity and support on connecting the dots.

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Monica & Daniel

Having known Berta from her corporate years and having followed her own transformation and re-invention journey, I opted to sign onto her flagship group coaching program (The Janus) but wanted to do this on 1-2-1 basis together with my business partner.

We were launching our project and we needed some structure, a road map, clarity and knowing ourselves better in order to understand how we complement each other in order to build a solid & long-lasting partnership.

We also felt we needed a sounding board, someone who had gone through a similar journey, someone who could be our guiding light and who would be holding ourselves accountable for progress. Someone who would challenge us when we would dishonour our values, purpose, vision and inner talents.

With Berta, we have achieved so much more than we had expected.

We have also noticed we have changed; our mindset, our capacity to review and rectify our plans, our business as per the findings we come across along the journey… we feel more aligned, aware and at ease.

Grazie Berta! You made the difference in our today’s professional and personal lives and in our FUTURE capacity to be able to reach much more.

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